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About us


Parent company of GP Business Innovation Kft. is Global Partners plc. an independent financial consultancy and intermediary operating in the hungarian market over 15 years.

Combining our experience in finances accumulated over decades with the innovations of a new digital area we created a brand new service in bookkeeping and payroll and in corporate management consultancy as well.

We strongly believe that innovation and digital solutions can simplify day by day business operation and make them more comfortable.

We take full responsibility concerning the services granted to our clients, we assure this with with professional indemnity insurance as well.

Our bookkeeping packages are mainly optimised for micro businesses and sme’s for larger companies we’re assembling tailor made proposals. Our bookkeeping services automatically include digital archiving of the supporting documents submitted to us.

Our fees are determined by the amount of the invoices and supporting documents to be dealt with and not depending on the turnover or the legal type of the client!

Adoption of the online payroll methods already used by blue chip corporations simplifies the regular administrative burden of our corporate clients. (like keeping attendance sheets of the employees, wage acceptance forms, etc.)

Our clients can profit from our 15 years experience in fields of general management consultancy and organisational development services.

  • Operation management and crm systems (it solutions)
  • Online marketing
  • Designing internal organisational structures
  • Compliance consultancy

Reducing costs

Save more money with us!


Thanks to state of the art data processing we need far less personal assistance. We provide more competitive prices combined with better quality.

Flexible pricing

Among from our wide range of discounts every client can find affordable solutions for her or his business.


Part of your current banking and issuance fees can be recredited or deducted from your accounting costs.

No more additional expenditure

Thanks to online relationship  management you can spare postal fees, parking charges, and the most important: your precious time.


how we do it

Online communication

Instead of generating significant amount of postal fees you can easily upload or email your invoices and other supporting documents. Easy, tranparent, and perfectly controllable.

Personal reletaionship managers

Our dedicated relationship managers are happy to assist you not only concerning your bookkeeping issues but in banking, insurance and investment matters as well.

Card payment

You can clear our service fees automatically and securely  via your debit or credit cards.

We take responsibility

Our bookkeepers are using their own registrated e-government access to submit necessary declarations. (and not the client’s access with the clien’s code like so many other firms in the market.

Regulated relationship

We’re providing our services under exact legal terms, without any surprises. You can always be sure what can you expect from us.

Indemnity coverage

Our firms professional activities are duly insured by the hungarian branch of Generali.


Our team

behind the scenes

Chief Accountant

Magné Horváth Edit

Chief Accountant

Managing Director

dr. jur. Bársony András

Managing Director

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